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About The Author:

Laura J. Wellington is a successful media and technology entrepreneur, award-winning children's television producer, bestselling author, major media blogger and consultant. Having founded six companies of her own and advised on dozens more, Laura's vast accomplishments span Wall Street to international television.  

A passionate children's advocate and philanthropist, Laura's early widowhood only strengthened her commitment to educating mankind for the better and safeguarding our planet for future generations to come.

Laura and her five children live in Connecticut.

To contact Laura directly, email wellingtonlaura@yahoo.com.

Interesting Facts About the Author:

Born:                        August 1, 1966​
Maiden Name:          McCaffrey
Marriage Status:     Widowed & Divorced
# of Children:          5
Favorite Color:         Green
Favorite Cuisine:      Italian
Favorite Fruit:         Cherries
Favorite Dessert:    Brownies w/peanut
                                 butter, ice cream &
                                 hot fudge
Favorite Sport:        Running
Favorite Music:        Country
Favorite Movie:        "Sweet Home                                  Alabama"                                 
Craziest Moment:     Deciding to have 5
Best Moment:           Deciding to have 5
Biggest Dream:         Make the World A
                                  Better Place For 
Favorite Country:      U.S.A.