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News and Reviews for The Four-Star Diet
HUFFPost Gives Rave Review!

-Lisa Niver Rajna, Blogger & Science Teacher

Diets in Review.com


-Mary Hartley RD "Registered Dietician"

"That is the mother of all diet books, and knowing Laura, it could not be other than this.  Inspiring.  After reading this, you keep wondering how it was possible till now to manage million dollar deals, win business batlles, and be defeated by a "Lasagna."  I'll keep this book close to the fridge as Generals keep the Art of War on the battlefield."

-Giuliano Papadia, Head of Channels, Fox International Channels

"Thank you, Laura, for your candid, swift, kick in my behind!!!  You have written what my eyes needed to see, what my ears needed to hear, and what my mind needed to embrace.  You have motivated me as Colin Powell motivated you."

-Cathy Hughes
Founder and Chairperson
Radio One, Inc.

"Laura is always there to remind me that anything is possible..."

-Larry Namer, Co-founder of E! Entertainment Television